About Us

Hi, we are Kelley Grace & Dean Quakkelaar, the owners of Gracie Designs.  We have been married for over 15 years, have a daughter, named Maggie and a 15 pound Yorkie, named Bill. We like having a beer in the driveway with neighbors and friends, camping, grilling out, and the Green Bay Packers.
We work out of our home studio.  We embroider all of our goods, ourselves, on our 3 industrial embroidery machines.  Our patches are hand, cut and embroidered, in house.  Our sewn goods are made by us, and a couple of local seamstresses, when things get really busy.  We love to take the time to make something special for you.  Our home state is Wisconsin, and we love it here, it shows in our offerings.  We also love to research and learn about your state too.  So, if you see something you love for another state, just send us a message and we will make one for your state too.